Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Miss A - "I Don't Need A Man"

The feminist in me loves everything about this song!

Finally! A song about women independence! I was really waiting for this release. Just as any other release, I will review the song and MV. I'll start with the song.

The Song: This really had an R&B feel to it and because they mentioned the whole Destiny Child thing, it does resemble some of their music; although I wish they didn't copy an idea that was already used; why couldn't they just do the whole independence thing without a label of some-sorts? I think it would be better because now I think about them resembling Destiny Child's work, which I don't like. Miss A already has this fierce style, so to use another style wasn't a good idea. With the lead single being called, "I don't need a man", you can only wonder what type of song it will be. As a fan of ballads, I would love to know how this song would sound as a ballad, but I personally really like the R&B feel to it. I think it gives it more of an edge and the whole album really has this "funky" feel to it. Each song is a different style, but they all blend in together with this theme of independence. At first, you sort of don't like the sound of the title song, but it REALLY grows on you; I have to emphasize that. The entire song is really catchy and you honestly sing along right away; especially the whole "I don't need a man"/ "what!" parts. I especially like the meaning - of course I would. I feel like most feminists would agree with me, that this song is a good representation of "Independence"; not all because even feminists has different categories. I especially love when Min sings the whole, "I paid my rent and paid for my clothes and food. And even though it's not enough, I'm satisfied" - that part really signifies independence (not only for women, but for men too). I also really like when Min raps this part: "When you trust your man and then he leaves you, are you envious of me, now?" - that part is actually really important because a lot of women "depend" on their man's money and divorce is a sad, and high, rate. So, be careful women of the world and make sure you are an independent person, first! Some people are saying that this is a bad representation of men, but let's be honest, women have to fight for their rights, men never had to, so...suck it up (people who are complaining about men's representation in this song). Also! It does not make you a lesbian if you want to be an independent woman; I really don't like that stereotype.

Oh suzy...so much to love in one picture!
The Music Video:  At first the MV doesn't really do justice for the song and its meaning, but after watching it a couple of times, you really see a lot that should be admired. Like how each of them had a different style. That's really good because it brings in diversity - for showing that different kinds of women want independence. There are a lot of parts that look rather cheap and not necessary, but whatever, it's not the worst MV ever. I rather liked the MV, but like that giant purse and random car (which were digitally added, of course) kind of make the MV lose it's touch. I also rather liked the dance scenes; especially Jia's solo dance moments. The outfits were really nice too; I liked every outfit, surprisingly. I actually really hope that they were suits on stage~ That would be really cool~ On a overall level, Miss A's latest gets 4.8/5! 

Enjoy! Side-note: I know this song talks about not needing a man for money, but I personally would like a man in my life; not for money or anything like that, but I would like to date~ I am fully independent and I will never have a man "pay" my way~ (I may sound weird because I am a man myself, but it sort of still applies to me)


  1. A lot of people were expecting something fierce from miss A. Honestly, I was too but this suits miss A because it's cute, R&B style and quite nice.

    Like you said it's good that it has diversity but were people expecting something mind blowing and amazing because let's face it, they are a K-Pop group with not much choice of what song they get to choose for their comebacks and what to do in their MV's. The K-Pop industry is way too controlled for us to get something out of it good that we want all the time.

    Haha, I know what you mean about wanting a boyfriend. Me too ;___; 19 years and never had one before, never dated.

    1. I would like a fierce song, but this is fine; it's nice to have change~
      Yea...that is true; still sad though that they don't get any input.
      OMG SAME! U and I relate haha

  2. I totally agree with you, feminism + k-pop = perfection, haha. And btw, you'll find someone to love soon, it's such a great thing to have someone to be with (even though I'm single too, haha). Cheers x

    1. Aren't you so sweet hehe~~~~~~ but thank you ^_^ and of course feminism+Kpop = perfection~~ as long as it's done right,too ^_^~~~ haha