Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jolin Tsai - "PLAY"

Ma homegurl does not disappoint.

Regular/Digital Version
I have not laughed this hard for a Music Video in a long time. Not only does she win for best Music Video of the year, but the song is top-notch for her. Like, I admit it, I had my doubts that she could out-due, "The Great Artist" - cause that song is absolutely perfect - but, "PLAY", is truly wonderful. It's probably my second favorite song from her; "The Great Artist", is actually my favorite. I don't mind her ballads at all, but dance-music suits her a lot more. Speaking of dance-music, that's what, "PLAY", is: an electronic-dance song. You really can't go wrong with these since they are meant to be repetitive and catchy. So, in all honesty, I think anyone whom enjoys up-beat music would highly enjoy, "PLAY". It's kind of the perfect dance-song too cause there are enough moments for break-downs or just plain free-style. Since I do not know Chinese, nor have I looked up the lyrics - in hope someone translated them - I'm just gonna assume they aren't groundbreaking (but who knows). Jolin really knew what she was doing when she recorded this song because you can hear the sassyness. I don't know how to explain it, but when you just listen to the song, you can hear her say certain lines with extra sassyness and it just makes it sound so much better. Not that it would matter cause this Queen can't do much wrong (she's collaborating with Amuro Namie, which is actually the 5th song on her album, but, uhm, HELLO! Two Queens). You know that song is either gonna be super amazing or horrible...depending what route they choose and how well Namie's chinese is (fun fact: Namie released an album called, "PLAY", back in 2007 - this was meant to be).

Medusa version
 So, let's get into this hilarious MV. At the beginning we got this sim-like situation. I've actually never played ever; it just seemed stupid, to be honest. I know what it is, so that's probably really good because this MV was kind of inspired by it. Anyways, we have four looks/characters in this MV. The first is, Rich Queen. The uber rich and famous character. I love how her mansion kind of looks like something from a Barbie dollhouse. So she does things rich people do...hang out on a bed with a lot of other people? I don't know, but it was amusing and she is sexy. The next/second part, Super Star-character, is the red carpet-event and that was funny-ish. She comes in first then her "rival" comes in and gains more "likes" (I guess), for flaunting her boobs, then Jolin just flashes everyone and the magazines say, "Legend Returns". It wasn't funny-funny, but it was enough for me to chuckle. The third character got me though - the Hipster. I couldn't stop laughing, it was hilarious. It's Jolin and her "rival" again - which is just her, but whatever - and they compete for, "Biggest Hipster", and I loved every moment. The last character - which is technically the third character, but whatever - is, Coach J. It was funny enough, but the hipster-one wins. The drag-queens though are amazing at the gym; who knew. No, but seriously, the hipster battle was the best thing ever. I wish the entire MV was just a hipster-battle. I don't know how anyone could have thought of this as an MV, but it was truly the best. Every character was detailed, every character got dance-breaks from the actual song, and nothing was forced; it went smoothly. I knew the Dancing Diva would not disappoint. There is a dance-version of the MV, and it showcases the dance and it's quite nice. Not the greatest, but to be honest, I never considered her a great dancer, she's really just a hard-worker and you can tell. I totally give this a 5/5. I seriously can't wait to hear this album!





Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NMB48 - "Rashikunai"


Besides the fact that the Theater Edition has the best cover, this is one of NMB48's best songs. Actually, back to the covers: what the fuck was going on with them? They are horrible. I ordered Type's A, B, and C, and I was like so disappointed seeing the covers. Now I have to buy the theater edition so I have one nice cover; to be fair, it's probably because Fuuko and Miru are on it. I'm just gonna stare at the's so pretty and they are so pretty too. Not to ride on Milky's and Sayaka's center positions, but this was really nice. I loved the switch up and it caused excitement for me. Now that every 48-group has changed the original centers for one single, I look forward to more surprises. I would love it if, Akari, Kei, Ripopo, Lemon-sama, and Shu, were to center a single in the near future. That would be fun. I'm sure Akari might though cause she's kind of popular in NMB. I actually don't mind if they go back to the original centers in the 48-groups, but I like the switch up. Not that the songs would sound any different...they don't make the songs specific for any members really, so anyone could center anything really, but it's for aesthetics...obviously.

Anyways, "Rashikunai", is your typical idol song. Basic formula, basic chorus, basic everything really, and maybe that's why I love it so much. I love my idols songs. It's actually one of the reasons why I love Team M so much - regardless that I don't know too many member's. They have the most idol of idol songs and I love it. They are catchy, cute, and serve their purpose for the girls to give us so many cute faces. I actually decided to not watch the MV's for any of the songs - just listened to them - because I bought every version and I want to wait for my CD's to come in the mail and get all surprised as I watch the MV's. As for the other songs in this single, Team N's is my favorite because it's that 60s-doo-op-style and I love those types of songs; can't go wrong and I will automatically love it. Team BII's is decent, but forgettable. Team M's was cute; like I said, very Idol-like. I guess because I haven't seen any MV's, I don't have too much to say, but at least NMB slayed with this single and I am seriously in love with Fuuko and Miru. Nana is going to graduate soon, so I guess I'll enjoy every moment I have with her (since she and Sayaka got that duet song, which is horrible, "Tomo"), but I'm glad they are pushing other girls more recently. Oh, I actually did see this song performed live and the dance is super cute! Gosh, this is the ultimate idol-song to me; any idol group can perform it and it'll still slay. You go, girls. 5/5.

You can watch the MV here.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Top 10 Favorite C-ute Songs

As the group that started it all for me, I really got to experience every song on this list, and if I could, I would choose all of their songs as my favorite. But since that is impossible in a Top 10, I'll just pick the 10 songs that have stood out to me the most in the 8 years of C-ute's life.

#10: Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu

I love that sugary-doo-op type of song and if you don't know, this song is actually a cover from the group Candies (70s). So it really fits perfectly into songs I really enjoy and find adorable. Plus, I use to sing this song all the time to myself cause it was just so damn catchy.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Would You Mind Helping?

when in doubt, I use Kalafina.
Hello, this is gonna be a more serious and totally off-topic post, but there is this family in my city that need's money to stay in their home and such. I personally know her kids as my younger brother actually goes to school with her kids. My mother told me about this and I just felt like I should help in some way. I figured the only thing I really could do was make a post on my own blog and send it to my other friends, just hoping we could help in any way possible. She, the mother, must really be in a tight spot and since my mother is also a single mom, I understand her struggle in that way. Anyways, I'll leave the link and hope we can all help in any way. Thank you.

This is the link here - it's on gofundme

Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Berryz Kobo Songs

I've been working on my Berryz-goodbye post forever now and I guess one of the reasons why I never want to finish it is because I will have to fully accept this "disbandment". I should mention that I'm not going to include "Fuutsu, Idol 10nen Yatternnai Desho?!", because that's like a cheap choice for me since it's essentially a song about their 10 years. Anyways, let's get right into my top 10.

#10: Special Genera~tion

I mostly have this song on my list cause it's kind of Berryz staple song. I think even people whom are not fans of Berryz know this song (of course H!P fans, I mean). It's kind of the first song I think of too. It really is a good song though. Super catchy.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Jolin Tsai Is Back

It has been two full years since Jolin's last album - "MUSE". I, myself, was not the biggest fan of "MUSE". I kind of just liked the title track and moved on really, but I'm so looking forward to this album. It has been two years and I am just so excited cause the title song, "PLAY", got released and it's so good! It's definitely one of her better dance tracks and knowing Jolin she'll bring on a powerful dance. The full-album gets released on November 15th, 2014, so there is still some time, but for the meantime we get to listen to "PLAY". There are gonna be two editions to the album - "Actress version" and "Medusa Version". Medusa Version comes with a 24-page photobooklet and comes with a mask that was modeled after her dog. Actress Version comes with a 48-page photobooklet. This is all I know at least, but I'm sure there will be more info that I don't know of. I do look forward to the music though. But I'm also excited to order the Medusa-version cause I so want that mask; it's super cute.

ENJOY! Side-note: She looks so good just being in that bathtub. I'll do a review of her album when it comes out.


Monday, 27 October 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Morning Musume Songs

In light of Sayumi's graduation, I thought I'd share my favorite Morning Musume songs. I've never done it before and since H!P was my introduction into Jpop, you would think I would have done this a long time ago.My top 10 hasn't really changed over the years, even with the inclusion of newer songs over the few years with Sayu as leader, but I figured I should do this. I'll do one for Berryz Kobo and C-ute (I'm honestly not a fan of S/Mileage and Juice=Juice don't really have enough for me to work with honestly). Anyways, let's get started.

#10: LOVE Machine

Even though this song came out way before I knew about Morning Musume, it was always performed and everyone mentioned it like it was some religion, so I had to listen to it, and it was amazing. Like you can tell why it's their best selling single and to date, one of their better known songs (like everyone knows the lyrics). It does have that nostalgic feel to it, but is an old song, I suppose. You know something? I never was a fan of Goto Maki. I never knew what made her so special. My bias was always Kaori during this time period. And Yuko. Those two definitely.