Thursday, 30 October 2014

Jolin Tsai Is Back

It has been two full years since Jolin's last album - "MUSE". I, myself, was not the biggest fan of "MUSE". I kind of just liked the title track and moved on really, but I'm so looking forward to this album. It has been two years and I am just so excited cause the title song, "PLAY", got released and it's so good! It's definitely one of her better dance tracks and knowing Jolin she'll bring on a powerful dance. The full-album gets released on November 15th, 2014, so there is still some time, but for the meantime we get to listen to "PLAY". There are gonna be two editions to the album - "Actress version" and "Medusa Version". Medusa Version comes with a 24-page photobooklet and comes with a mask that was modeled after her dog. Actress Version comes with a 48-page photobooklet. This is all I know at least, but I'm sure there will be more info that I don't know of. I do look forward to the music though. But I'm also excited to order the Medusa-version cause I so want that mask; it's super cute.

ENJOY! Side-note: She looks so good just being in that bathtub. I'll do a review of her album when it comes out.


Monday, 27 October 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Morning Musume Songs

In light of Sayumi's graduation, I thought I'd share my favorite Morning Musume songs. I've never done it before and since H!P was my introduction into Jpop, you would think I would have done this a long time ago.My top 10 hasn't really changed over the years, even with the inclusion of newer songs over the few years with Sayu as leader, but I figured I should do this. I'll do one for Berryz Kobo and C-ute (I'm honestly not a fan of S/Mileage and Juice=Juice don't really have enough for me to work with honestly). Anyways, let's get started.

#10: LOVE Machine

Even though this song came out way before I knew about Morning Musume, it was always performed and everyone mentioned it like it was some religion, so I had to listen to it, and it was amazing. Like you can tell why it's their best selling single and to date, one of their better known songs (like everyone knows the lyrics). It does have that nostalgic feel to it, but is an old song, I suppose. You know something? I never was a fan of Goto Maki. I never knew what made her so special. My bias was always Kaori during this time period. And Yuko. Those two definitely.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nogizaka46 - "Nandome no Aozora ka?"

I feel like I haven't reviewed a song by Nogi or the 48-group in a long time...

Nogizaka46 was said to have a Kami-level song come out, when the 10th single was announced, and while, "Kizuitara Kataomoi", is still their best song, "Nandome no Aozora ka?", is really well done too. I wouldn't call it a knock-off, but you can tell it had similar elements from Kizutara. And since they have similar elements, the songs have that same medium-tempo-ballad vibe. Sorrowful lyrics was Kizutara, uplifting lyrics is Aozora ka; how contrasting, right? I was expecting sorrowful lyrics honestly, but the song is really positive and I guess that's really nice. I do like the song, it's really good, but it really isn't their best. Since there was a lot of hype for this song I did expect something really amazing, but it was just decent. If anything, I prefer "Watashi, Okiru", over this (B-side song in Type B). It's really cute and catchy and the Music Video made me cry a little (I just liked the message, I guess). Aozora ka, had a funny/meaningful/forgetful MV. A boy enters an all-girl school, they taunt boy, boy and girls become friends. It was cute, but it wasn't needed. I feel like they could have done a lot more with this song. I think "Baretta" will be Nogi's most memorable MV, but this one was really cute and made me laugh a few times. It doesn't fit the song, at most times, but it was alright. Everything from the lighting to the outfits was really well done. I especially loved the outfits they had on in the MV, but those dark blue dresses are really nice too. I totally thought I would have more to say since this is Nogizaka46, but it was just a decent single with decent B-sides. Erika being center isn't really a "thing" for me since I'm honestly not a fan of hers. I like her enough to care, but not enough to be all, "ERIKA!". She didn't add anything being center though...I felt when Mai was center, you can feel it (Nanase too), but Erika must have felt a lot of pressure. I wished she'd loosen up more, especially during lives. I'm so curious to know who is going to be the next center...and when are they releasing their first album? They need to get on that, honestly. Anyways, I give Aozora ka 4/5, while I give "Watashi, Okiru" 4.5/5. I also liked "Tender Days", but I didn't like the other two songs in this single.

Click here to watch MV.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sato Satomi - "Le Jour"

So, I found a new singer.

She's actually a Seiyuu, and from what I understand, a Saiyuu is a person whom does voice acting (for anime's, I assume). I don't watch anime's, so I really don't know whom is popular or not, but I found out about her really randomly. I'm subscribed to a lot of different music companies and I saw her short vers. video for "Le Jour" and I thought it was pretty good. I found out she actually debuted this year as a solo-singer and this is her 2nd single. I really like it to an extent. I think she needs to improve on a lot of things, but I really like this type of song. But I do have a question: how I do explain this song? It's kind of a medium-ballad type of song...I'm really sorry, I don't know how to explain this. I'll put up a link for her music video - which is super plain and boring - so you can get a better understanding of what I mean. I still don't understand why she used French for her title, but whatever, I guess. One of the bigger issues with new singer's for me is that I don't know what to write about. I really know nothing and I only got interested because of a song. I'm trying to get to know her more, but she seems kind of boring. As long as her music is good, like, "Le Jour", then I'll support her. I also became a fan of two new solo-singer's this year in Japan (Yasuda Rei and Aoi Eir), so I hope Sato impresses me like those two did. She really doesn't have much music out so you have to judge on so little. I didn't like her debut single at all though - "Mirai Night". She also had a mini-album - "Star" - out this year too, and it was alright; nothing spectacular. I might lose interest in her at some point, but for now I'm enjoying "Le Jour", and I guess that's all that matters. 3.5/5.

ENJOY! Side-note: She looks like a Pixie-fairy; so cool and creepy! Click here to see the MV

Friday, 10 October 2014

Matsumura Sayuri's Scandal (Nogizaka46)


So, Nogizaka46 got their 1st scandal? And it only took two years...I don't think that's a record or anything. Anyways, not that anyone would know this, but Sayuri is actually my ultimate bias in Nogi46. As much as I talk about Ikoma, it's actually Sayurin. Ikoma is like 2nd place for me. So this scandal really took me back. I knew it was her the moment I saw the pictures on that magazine. I know her hair just like I know Chris Evans muscular body. It's quite specific, her hair, and her clothing is a certain style (ok, I guess I went into stalker-mode, but can you blame me? She kissed a married man). She did apologize on a radio program, which Ikoma was there too (and other member's). But her excuse is well...sloppy, at best. Getting drunk isn't an excuse to kiss random men you just met. And it's clear she went on 2-3 dates with this man (the pictures show her in complete different outfits...and with a different purse, unless she's changing every hour, they met several times). I don't really believe the whole fake-name thing and not knowing who this man was -
and vice versa - I think they knew each other. For sure the man would know her, since he apparently works for Young Jump magazine; which is famous in the idol-world. Actually, Sayuri, and other Nogi-member's, did a shoot in June. So, let's be real here, they highly knew each other/he definitely knew her. I do believe that she didn't know he was married and with kids...lots of people who cheat do lie (cheating is kind of like lying too, right). But my main focus is Sayurin because well, she is my ultimate bias. I'm kind of in a dilemma at the moment. I'm against the love-ban-rule, don't get me wrong, it's incredibly stupid, but what Sayurin did wasn't dating a man...she met him, got drunk, and kissed him publicly. It's sloppy. It's as if she didn't care she was an idol. It's not like she was in love with him (for all we know), and they've been dating for awhile, and he's her age, no, it's some old man, whom apparently works in Young Jump...that's uber fishy. That's as fishy as when that scandal broke loose for Kasai Tomomi (pillow management, essentially). Getting drunk is fine. Letting loose is fine. Having a one night stand is fine. But what's not fine is thinking that you can do whatever you want. There's a fine-line, and she knows that being an idol comes with certain rules. If it was just a random boy, around her age, I would be so cool with it. I'd be like, "Go fuck him, gurl!", but it's not that situation. This man is a lot older than her, is married, has kids, and works for Young Jump. I can't defend her actions. I can't support her decision to "let loose", in her way. Apparently management is not doing anything; like she's not fired, demoted, or anything, at the moment. So, that's good. I don't like someone losing their job, really, but I truly feel she shouldn't be in the next single (11th). Or if she is, she should be in the back/undergirls. It's up to them what her punishment will be, so we'll see, but for sure, she seems pretty safe. Anyways, as for me? I can't be her fan anymore. I still like her, but I can't support her. Ikoma is officially my ultimate bias now in Nogizaka46. I've never done that before...not become a fan of an idol just because of a scandal. Usually I become a bigger fan because the scandals tend to be really stupid, but this one is a lot different, you know. Different situations and different reasoning. Maybe I'll change my mind one day, but for now, Sayuri is not on my list.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jessica Out Of SNSD

I waited before writing this because I thought they might make a decision that she can stay or something.

So, it seems quite official that she is gone from SNSD, but just not SM - I guess because she did sign that renewal contract, so they have to keep her (?). But if she did something against the contracts rules, doesn't SM have the right to just rip up her contract? I'm not sure how this is dealt with honestly, but the important part is that she is not a member of SNSD anymore. I really need that to sink in. As much as I complain about SNSD's music, SNSD was the reason I got into Kpop. "Gee" and "Nobody" (Wondergirls...yea, 2008, but me being a fan wasn't solidified until "Gee" came out) were the two songs that made me a fan. SNSD was so popular - still are, but you know what I am - and "Gee" was the epitome of Kpop songs back then. Sure, I was the only one that knew of SNSD (out of my friends), but they became such a staple in my life that it didn't really matter what they released, you know it was going to sell well. It was always 9 members. Do you know how weird this 8-member thing is going to be. SNSD is 9 members. I don't buy anything SNSD, and that's because their music over the past 2 years have been not my taste, but I still looked forward to it. I still watch every live performance. And don't get me started on the member's. Since I was really new to Kpop back when "Gee" came out, it felt weird getting into Korean. I was so use to Japanese that Korean music was so off for me, but luckily we had two members that knew English; and it was a they always used it. Jessica and Tiffany, while not my biases at all, made me a bigger fan of SNSD because of their English skills. It didn't feel weird. I felt like they weren't ignoring us international fans for once. Jpop really doesn't care for international fans (and it's not like they need to care, right, their music industry is so large), but Kpop needed that international fandom. *Sigh* I feel sad and angry. I don't know how big this has affected the fandom, since I'm not in it, but I'm sure it must be heartbreaking for SNSD-fans (they are called SONE's, right?). I wouldn't know how I'd feel if Soyeon from T-ARA, I'm already suffering from Berryz Kobo, I don't need more bad news. I do wish Jessica luck on her fashion brand. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Happy Birthday Soyeon (T-ARA)

This is Soyeon's birthday (Oct.5th), and I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. Since Soyeon is relatively special to me, I'm happy to see her turn another year older and have a genuinely nice birthday. The past two years have been rough, but I'd like to think she is in a good place at the moment. She has her member's, her family, and her boyfriend, so I just wish the best for her. Happy Soyani Day, everyone!

I don't know who did this picture, I just found it on Tumblr, but it's so pretty.