Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Kalafina's Album sales for "THE BEST Red" & "THE BEST Blue"

Well, the sales for their new album have been officially released - from Oricon - and what can I say? I'm so happy for them. Kalafina released two BEST of Album's last week - Red and Blue - and even though they have no new content (except the song, "Heavenly Blue"; only in the Blue Version), they made a new sales record for themselves. The Red Version sold, 25,598 copies and landed the 4th spot. While the Blue Version sold, 26,739 copies and landed the 3rd spot. In total, they sold, 52,337 copies. Even without adding them together, this is the most Kalafina has sold in the first week (for an album). But adding them together, then this is the most Kalafina has sold for an album (including all the weeks). The most an album has sold (and original album too), was their first album, "Seventh Heaven", released in 2009, and that sold, in total, 38,087 copies. Their best first weeks sales, for an album (minus this BEST of Album), was, After Eden; which sold, 21,045 copies in its first week. I don't particularly know why this release sold more than their original work, but does it really matter? This is really great news because maybe Kalafina has just been gaining a lot more fans. I get that fans could have bought both copies, but even if you don't wanna count the Red Version, cause it has no new material, the Blue version still has their best sales in the first week (same if you just count the Red Version). This is really good news, honestly. And I'm so happy Kalafina is selling more in general. I'm also happy that people are noticing them more and more; especially praising their singing talent.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

C-ute - "The Power/Kanashiki Heaven"

Tsunku really loves, "Kanashiki Heaven".

It's not that I hate "The Power", but "Kanashiki Heaven", has just so much going for it that "The Power" can't really keep up with it. Also, is Tsunku running out of song's to use for a Double A-side? It's not mandatory, Tsunku. And why is this the "single" version of KH? It's the exact same song really, and the vocals didn't, did I miss something? Did he rearrange the instrumentals or something? Like, I would be bitching a lot more if this song was a pile of shit, but it's just so fucking good that I can't seem to bring my inner-bitch out. I don't even care for the other song on this single, I bought this release just so I can have KH on my shelves (also, LOVING the photocards that H!P has been adding to their CD's; only the regular editions have them, but that's the only versions I buy from H!P win). I really wonder what kind of sound "The Power" was suppose to be? I got the whole "Indian" vibe, but let's be real, a pop song mixed with "some" Indian elements never sounds bollywood, it just sounds like a pop song. It really isn't a bad song at all, but it really is being overshadowed. Even KH got the better MV too (loving the pole-dancing too). TP's MV was kind of boring, wasn't it? At least KH's MV was outside and relatively fresh (I guess they had money to spend since this isn't a new song). Even their fucking outfits for KH are gorgeous...seriously, Tsunku is in love with this song. But so am I. I do secretly wish for a version with the other three singing as well, but I'm surprisingly ok about Chisato and Airi singing the whole song. I also feel like I should have more to say, but I guess I don't. 5/5 for KH, but 3/5 for TP.

ENJOY! Side-note: why can't I be as gorgeous as Airi...and Maimi...and Chisato...fuck it.

"The Power"


"Kanashiki Heaven"


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Perfume - "Cling Cling"

I've moved on (not really, but there's so much to love from Perfume).

I can't tell you how much I love this picture. So pretty!
Ok, while I haven't forgotten what happened, I relatively moved on since Perfume is really awesome and I can't really hate an idol-group for a long period of time (don't blame me, blame my Otaku-ways). Anyways, Perfume just released their new single, "Cling Cling", and I am madly in love with it. I don't know if it is because it sounds like a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song or just because it's super catchy, but I still love it regardless. I know they both have the same producer (he's the producer, right?), but I've always been able to tell one from the other, but when I heard this song - I heard it on the radio/internet radio - and I didn't hear who was the singer, but I thought it was from Kyary's new album, "Pika Pika Fantajin", but to my surprise, they said it was Perfume. I looked it up right away and I was kind of surprised. I don't hear separate voices in this song you really could have been Kyary's song for all we know. Either way, this is really an amazing song. It is a Perfume song, so there isn't a lot to say musically speaking, but Perfume really know how to deliver when it come's to their dances. I personally loved this dance. I saw their MUSIC DAY performance, and I was just so stunned. Not their best dance, but I still love it. Very oriental, you know. Even the Music Video is super pretty. There isn't a lot going on that makes sense, but the video is so pretty that I didn't even care. I love their solo shots the most, really. As for the rest of the songs on this single, I'm not loving them, but they are ok. I've read that many were anticipating the B-sides, but I don't know. They aren't bad in any way, but they aren't memorable like "Cling Cling" is. Overall though, this might be one of my favorite Perfume song's. My favorite has always been "One Room Disco", but I don't know...And "Spring of Life" was really good too. I can't decide, they are all so good. I'm happy that even years later, Perfume can still deliver awesome song's. Like, "One Room Disco" was released in 2009, and I still find what Perfume releases to be just as good really. 5/5.

ENJOY! Side-note: I've always wondered if Perfume are all secretly robots in disguise as attractive Japanese women?

Full Version


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

F(x) - "Red Light" Album Review

This is one of those moments were you can actually wear Gothic-lolita outfits.

Before I start this review, I really should mention that I am awful when it comes to telling what genre is which. I have never been good at pointing certain sounds out. Also, I never liked F(x). Well, sort of. I loved "NU ABO" and "Electric Shock", but those are the only songs I really loved from them. I guess when I compared F(x) to all of my other idols, they really were too different for their own good. And SM is not a company I appreciate - musically speaking. But my friend is a huge F(x) fan and she told to listen to this album, since "Pink Tape" did not meet any of my expectations, and as soon as I listened to this album, I feel in love. There are some really outstanding tracks on this album that I rarely hear from idols and I'm really impressed. I've always followed F(x) because I really like the member's, but their music never captured me...till now. I'm glad this album was the one because apparently many fans are loving this album too. Anyways, I've talked enough, let me start this review.

Red Light: So I've been trying really hard to place this song in one genre, but I don't think you can. It's kind of all over the place. It reminds me of "I got a Boy" from SNSD; the idea of mixing genre's. I surprisingly love this song. I love the rather dark-undertones it has, even though apparently the song is talking about enjoying life. I don't like the rap-parts though. And I also noticed there aren't a lot of parts in the song that actually require you to actually sing...more like talk-sing (which is F(x)'s trademark really). I don't know, I love it. It's really catchy, especially the "Red Light" parts. Oh, I also love the break in this song (just thought I'd mention that). I think this is a pretty solid start to their album.

MILK: Oh. My. God. This is my 2nd favorite song on the album. It's super catchy and I love this Bollywood-vibe it has. I actually love every part in this song; even Amber's rapping. But definitely the chorus wins for me. I've had this song on repeat for like ever now. There's actually a lot of song's on here that I never bothered looking up the translations, so this is pretty much me judging solely on the sound of the song's.

Butterfly: This song is the most Gothic, compared to "Dracula". It's pretty monotone, the song, but I like it this way. I like that it sounds like they are whispering during the chorus, but they're not; it's just the way they are singing. I kind of hate how the instrumental doesn't change...hence my monotone comment. I wonder what genre this belong's to? Also, I realize, as I listen to this song again, that it's really forgettable, especially since it's right after the amazing, "MILK".

Rainbow: So hip-hop. I could secretly see 2NE1 singing something like this. It has some R&B influences, but when Amber does her repeated lines, it feels like a hip-hop song (F(x) style). I like it though. It's definitely one of my more favorite songs in this album. I like the chill-vibe you get from this song during the chorus, but maybe Amber's rapping ruins that. It's also kind of short (thankfully).

All Night: This is so off. This album really does not have a theme, it's just a bunch of different genre's smashed together. This song is definitely the most "cutesy" song. My friend hates this song, but I don't mind it. It's not something I would purposely listen to over and over again, but I like it as a filler for the album. It's cutesy enough to be noticed in this album, but it doesn't stick out too much from the rest. It's kind of boring though.

Vacance: I love those high notes at the beginning of the song. This song is so fun. It feels like something from the 90s, but with a mix of K-pop added to it. It's really a fun song to listen to. The instrumentals are also nice to listen to. I really wanna know who does those high notes (maybe Luna?)

Spit it Out: I don't like this song at all. It's not catchy, nor does it feel like anything new. It actually sounds like a reject of "Electric Shock", but a lot worse. It's safe though, so I'm sure some find it "decent", at best.

Boom Bang Boom: I love this song! The beginning is really slow, but once you get to the chorus you get this super addicting techno-style-music and it totally makes you wanna dance. Other than that the song is pretty normal. I love the chorus the most though. I wonder how the song would sound like without the "Boom Bang Boom" parts? Cause I think the song would be fine without it, but I guess they needed something extra to make this song stand out from the rest; albeit, those techno-beats are still the best things in this song.

Dracula: Definitely my favorite song on this album. I love dark-Gothic-like-songs the best; it makes it sound so different. And F(x) really delivered with this song. I think it's Luna and Krystal who did it, but before you hear that scream in the song, there's someone whom sings those high notes, those parts are my favorite. It sounds so..."horror-movie" like. It's really an impressive song. I'm sure there's a name for this genre, but whatever, it's fantastic. I wished this was the title-song.

Summer Lover: Ew, I hate summer-themed songs.

Paper Heart: It's a mid-tempo song, and it's kind of pleasant. It's the only song on this album that comes close to a ballad, but it's definitely not a ballad. I think it's best F(x) don't sing these type of songs. I love their techno-image more.

 Overall: This was a pretty good album. Definitely my fav from F(x). My favorite songs are definitely: "Dracula", "Milk", and, "Red Light" (in that order too). I really am impressed with this release (I even bought a copy too). F(x) really has their own style that can't be overtaken and I like that about them. I anticipate more song's like "Dracula" from F(x) and maybe one day that type of song can be their title-song. 4.1/5 (Album score).


Monday, 7 July 2014

Milky Bunny - "Crazy Diamond"

Why can't I understand anything she says?

What's even funnier is that I sing along, and I know the words, but when she says it, I feel like she's not really saying anything cohesive. It takes awhile, but like after the 20th time I've listened to this, I finally can hear the words properly and it made me just love this song more. So, if you don't know, this song - a digital single - was a collaboration with this manga-drawer, and I read this incredibly long interview with the two of them (picture below) and I seriously forgot most of the interview.

Milky Bunny was talking about how she loved the manga-artists work and the manga-artist was apparently a fan of Milky Bunny; she even attended her winter concert in 2013. She also said she prefer's Milky's fast-paced-rock-songs over her ballads (which I respectfully disagree). Anyways, this song was the collaboration, and if you noticed, the art work is Milky Bunny, but as one of the artists' work [Maggy the Butcher]; it's legit the same design, but Milky is on it and not Maggy. This is the full interview if you want to read it (I guess it's not that long...but it felt long). As for the actual song, "Crazy Diamond", it's really one of Milky's best. The lyrics are pretty boring, but I love this rock-inspired type of songs. Her voice is really raspy and can carry these type of song's out really well. I don't care what other's say, I love her voice and I'm dying for a new single or album (please let her release another album) to drop. This single was released on Japan's iTunes on May 1st, 2014, so it was pretty new. I actually downloaded it on that day, but got really lazy and never reviewed...two months later, here I am. This song is really repetitive, but it's super catchy, so literally, you'll have this on repeat for hours...and that's if you're not a fan of her's. I definitely praise Milky on this new song, and I think this should have been an actual single, cause this is really one of her best song's to date. There's no MV or anything...not even an audio; you have to download it. But since I know us international fans can't buy Japanese iTunes stuff...we all have our ways to get song's and shit. So, download and enjoy. 5/5.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hyomin - "Nice Body"


Like, Hyomin is...maybe Eunjung is? No, it's Hyomin now. Hyomin is my least favorite in T-ARA, and really that doesn't mean much because I really do love them all, but Hyomin has always been one of the member's that just took me longer to love. I never liked how CCM portrayed her. They do the same for HyunA from 4Minute, but HyunA has this natural sexy-ness to her that Hyomin really doesn't have. I'd argue that Eunjung is sexier naturally. Hyomin is really the playful type. Loves to laugh and enjoy herself. This, "Nice Body", is weird for her personality. Albeit, I admit that CCM and even the T-ARA member's, have stated over and over again that Hyomin has the nicest body in the group. She works so hard on it. So, in a way this song could be sort of her determination for her own body. And if that was the case, then that's cool, but no one would know unless they are like a die-hard fan like myself. And what is up with her image in this solo? I really try my best to refrain from comparing western artists to K-pop artists, but this really seems like a Miley Cyrus look. I like Miley actually, so this makes me really want to compare, but it really was just the look on Hyomin that made me think it. I wonder if it was intentional, cause seriously, that hair is bad...even on Hyomin. As for the song...well, it's "meh", at best. It doesn't seem like this will be a physical release (not yet at least), but if it weren't for her being in T-ARA, no way would I buy this. The other song's are actually pretty good (a lot better than "Nice Body"), but "Nice Body" was relatively a failed attempt at being Hip-Hop and Pop mixed together.

Now, there seem's to be some backlash towards this release, since it deals with body image, but I've heard two different sides to this story. Fans claim that Hyomin is mocking the reality of the "nice body", since nothing actually happen's to her "fat" character, but it's all like a dream - hence why everything's so bright and lively in the music video. The other side is saying, well once you add the lyrics and what Hyomin has said in interviews (about super dieting for this release), that this song is just another way to belittle the female body and only give one point of view of "happiness" [for your body]. But you know, this makes me think back to when Sunny Hill released, "Prince and Princess Charming". I criticized the song because I know it was hypocritical to what even Sunny Hill do; that is dieting, of course. I wonder if this is the same case: the song clearly has some mocking level towards "nice bodies", but at the same time, we all know that Hyomin super-dieted her way for this solo-release. I'm personally on the fence. I read the lyrics and well...I don't agree with a lot, but - let's just say this is Hyomin's personal opinion - I think Hyomin has a right to express how she believes in what a "nice body" is. I know it probably isn't Hyomin's opinion at all, but I was trying to show that people's ideal body type will always be different. I like being really skinny, but I don't find men whom are skinny to be ideal; I prefer men whom are muscular or slim, I suppose (hence why I love Taecyeon so much). But I will say something, and this part I don't tolerate, in no way, shape, or form, should anyone diet or exercise to get approval from a man or woman. Your body, your damn own rules. If your happy with a "bigger" body, then all to you. A "nice body" shouldn't be determined by a stupid measuring tape or a scale. Like, the song is pretty bad overall, but I think this is pretty controversial, even if it is from a K-pop star. So many go through eating diseases and it's not a laughing matter. But like I said, this release is really reminiscent of that Sunny Hill song. Yea, they were more explicit about the way society is too concentrated on being perfect, while Hyomin's, is more playful and expressing it in a more blunt way - how like men will notice you more and shit. I don't know. I'm not against it, but I don't agree 100%. I'm in the middle for such a topic. I work out because I know my image requires me to be skinny and petite...but I also find happiness in being skinny. Anyways, I don't even like the song. 2.3/5.

ENJOY! Side-note: that hair though...


Sunday, 29 June 2014

History - "Psycho"

Film-people, you are allowed to hate me.

I never saw this movie...sorry. Even though I'm a history-person myself (literally, my major is going to be History starting September), I'm not huge on watching older movies. I like movies, but I'm not a die-hard fan that would go and watch all the classics like some history-buff people (my professor is one of those people). I've read enough summaries and other reviews to understand what's happening in this MV. So, I'm going to link a review that can explain this way better than me. But even though I never saw the movie, after reading the reviews and summaries for the actual movie, History, really did an amazing job. I'd even argue that History did such a good job that one doesn't need to watch the movie after watching their MV (they got
everything pretty much perfect here). I do love the comparison History is getting to VIXX; it's cool because either one could have done this perfectly. I actually am super impressed with History at the moment. Like, you have to watch their live performance's; these men are not afraid to do what is needed to perfect a song. I think the best example I can think of is the - what fans call - homoerotic-dance (which I'm appreciating) and crazy-eyes. Shiyoung being crazy eyes - cause seriously, his stare scared me when I watched some of the live performances. But that's a good thing...since this song is about murder. Speaking of Shiyoung actually, I'm uber disappointed they didn't use him more. His sexy, and I love his rapping style. His rap is legit so short that I had to repeat it because I thought it was suppose to be much longer. I think Kyungil actually got the most lines; which is fine with me because he's my bias and he's super sexy too. I don't really know what type of genre this song belongs to? I'm really not good at pointing out genre's, so I'll label this as "pop" music. But the instrumental for this song kind of sucks. It's really repetitive. But I guess it's not really important because there isn't even an instrumental version on the album (I guess they knew too). I love LOEN, as a company. They are really good with bringing out very unique concepts (you know, except that they decided to ignore Sunny Hill). If there is something else to really love for this new song is their clothing. Did you see their "jail" outfits? Like holy shit, they are amazing and just perfect for this song. This is undoubtedly History's best song. There's really nothing to hate here. I just wished the rap was a little longer (one of the only times I'll ask this from a K-pop group). 5/5. Still going to give a perfect score anyways.

ENJOY! Side-note: Even though maybe I should be criticizing the use of homo-eroticism in their dance, I just don't see it as malicious or anything. I appreciate it in a way. We don't really see it a lot (like N and Hyuk's moment in "Eternity" is really small, but I liked it still). I wonder if the idols themselves care? Cause they don't make the dances right? It's the same thing for girl-groups and sexy dances. So many questions now...maybe I should just focus on Jeaho and Kyungil (Jeaho looks so hot in this the eye make-up).


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