Friday, 10 October 2014

Matsumura Sayuri's Scandal (Nogizaka46)


So, Nogizaka46 got their 1st scandal? And it only took two years...I don't think that's a record or anything. Anyways, not that anyone would know this, but Sayuri is actually my ultimate bias in Nogi46. As much as I talk about Ikoma, it's actually Sayurin. Ikoma is like 2nd place for me. So this scandal really took me back. I knew it was her the moment I saw the pictures on that magazine. I know her hair just like I know Chris Evans muscular body. It's quite specific, her hair, and her clothing is a certain style (ok, I guess I went into stalker-mode, but can you blame me? She kissed a married man). She did apologize on a radio program, which Ikoma was there too (and other member's). But her excuse is well...sloppy, at best. Getting drunk isn't an excuse to kiss random men you just met. And it's clear she went on 2-3 dates with this man (the pictures show her in complete different outfits...and with a different purse, unless she's changing every hour, they met several times). I don't really believe the whole fake-name thing and not knowing who this man was -
and vice versa - I think they knew each other. For sure the man would know her, since he apparently works for Young Jump magazine; which is famous in the idol-world. Actually, Sayuri, and other Nogi-member's, did a shoot in June. So, let's be real here, they highly knew each other/he definitely knew her. I do believe that she didn't know he was married and with kids...lots of people who cheat do lie (cheating is kind of like lying too, right). But my main focus is Sayurin because well, she is my ultimate bias. I'm kind of in a dilemma at the moment. I'm against the love-ban-rule, don't get me wrong, it's incredibly stupid, but what Sayurin did wasn't dating a man...she met him, got drunk, and kissed him publicly. It's sloppy. It's as if she didn't care she was an idol. It's not like she was in love with him (for all we know), and they've been dating for awhile, and he's her age, no, it's some old man, whom apparently works in Young Jump...that's uber fishy. That's as fishy as when that scandal broke loose for Kasai Tomomi (pillow management, essentially). Getting drunk is fine. Letting loose is fine. Having a one night stand is fine. But what's not fine is thinking that you can do whatever you want. There's a fine-line, and she knows that being an idol comes with certain rules. If it was just a random boy, around her age, I would be so cool with it. I'd be like, "Go fuck him, gurl!", but it's not that situation. This man is a lot older than her, is married, has kids, and works for Young Jump. I can't defend her actions. I can't support her decision to "let loose", in her way. Apparently management is not doing anything; like she's not fired, demoted, or anything, at the moment. So, that's good. I don't like someone losing their job, really, but I truly feel she shouldn't be in the next single (11th). Or if she is, she should be in the back/undergirls. It's up to them what her punishment will be, so we'll see, but for sure, she seems pretty safe. Anyways, as for me? I can't be her fan anymore. I still like her, but I can't support her. Ikoma is officially my ultimate bias now in Nogizaka46. I've never done that before...not become a fan of an idol just because of a scandal. Usually I become a bigger fan because the scandals tend to be really stupid, but this one is a lot different, you know. Different situations and different reasoning. Maybe I'll change my mind one day, but for now, Sayuri is not on my list.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jessica Out Of SNSD

I waited before writing this because I thought they might make a decision that she can stay or something.

So, it seems quite official that she is gone from SNSD, but just not SM - I guess because she did sign that renewal contract, so they have to keep her (?). But if she did something against the contracts rules, doesn't SM have the right to just rip up her contract? I'm not sure how this is dealt with honestly, but the important part is that she is not a member of SNSD anymore. I really need that to sink in. As much as I complain about SNSD's music, SNSD was the reason I got into Kpop. "Gee" and "Nobody" (Wondergirls...yea, 2008, but me being a fan wasn't solidified until "Gee" came out) were the two songs that made me a fan. SNSD was so popular - still are, but you know what I am - and "Gee" was the epitome of Kpop songs back then. Sure, I was the only one that knew of SNSD (out of my friends), but they became such a staple in my life that it didn't really matter what they released, you know it was going to sell well. It was always 9 members. Do you know how weird this 8-member thing is going to be. SNSD is 9 members. I don't buy anything SNSD, and that's because their music over the past 2 years have been not my taste, but I still looked forward to it. I still watch every live performance. And don't get me started on the member's. Since I was really new to Kpop back when "Gee" came out, it felt weird getting into Korean. I was so use to Japanese that Korean music was so off for me, but luckily we had two members that knew English; and it was a they always used it. Jessica and Tiffany, while not my biases at all, made me a bigger fan of SNSD because of their English skills. It didn't feel weird. I felt like they weren't ignoring us international fans for once. Jpop really doesn't care for international fans (and it's not like they need to care, right, their music industry is so large), but Kpop needed that international fandom. *Sigh* I feel sad and angry. I don't know how big this has affected the fandom, since I'm not in it, but I'm sure it must be heartbreaking for SNSD-fans (they are called SONE's, right?). I wouldn't know how I'd feel if Soyeon from T-ARA, I'm already suffering from Berryz Kobo, I don't need more bad news. I do wish Jessica luck on her fashion brand. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Happy Birthday Soyeon (T-ARA)

This is Soyeon's birthday (Oct.5th), and I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. Since Soyeon is relatively special to me, I'm happy to see her turn another year older and have a genuinely nice birthday. The past two years have been rough, but I'd like to think she is in a good place at the moment. She has her member's, her family, and her boyfriend, so I just wish the best for her. Happy Soyani Day, everyone!

I don't know who did this picture, I just found it on Tumblr, but it's so pretty.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

AKB48's Upcoming 38th Single - Ikoma Rina

I'm not talking about Sakura being double center with Mayu or anything, I actually really wanna talk about Ikoma Rina being part of Senbatsu, officially (being voted in is different than being selected via management).

So, if you don't know already, AKB48's newest single will have Ikoma in it. The single has a lot of different girls than usual, but my biggest shock was seeing Ikoma in it. The whole Kennin thing is still iffy with me cause I thought they added her to AKB to bring in competition-factor (can a Nogi46 girl beat AKB girls; it would be fun in a way since they are rivals). But my wishful thinking was definitely...wishful because I feel like them adding her into a regular senbatsu is kind of like, "woah", for me. I've said it before, but I don't want Nogi-member's to be in anything AKB-related. I really saw rivalry between the groups. Nogi46 sells really well lately and I feel like more and more are liking them compared to their debut in 2012. Their songs are really good and the girls give off a different "air" since they aren't with AKB 24/7. But adding Ikoma to a regular senbatsu is crossing that very thin line that was created back during the shuffle. Rena Matsui in Nogi46 has been accepted (by me at least, I don't know about other fans), but Ikoma in AKB? Rena suits Nogi's style more and I think her looks suits Nogi too, but Ikoma is like that awkward cousin you only see during don't wanna mingle with them, but you are forced to. The more I see Ikoma in a senbatsu the more I think that the announcement will come that Nogi46 is just another sister group...screw the years of working as a rival and not associating themselves with AKB directly. I don't really know what's going on with Nogi46. The rival thing really did die off a long time ago and if anything they just seem like a sister group in a different country (like SNH or JKT). We know they exist, and they are included, but just not directly. I guess I'm leading more on being a bigger fan of Nogi46 lately than AKB, but really, AKB is more like the mother-ship. It's a place where I see all the sister groups together, so it's kind of hard to not pay attention to them, but I'm definitely feeling more devoted to Nogi46. I'd probably still be devoted even if they become a sister group, "officially", but I just don't like it personally. The sister groups really are lacking in sales (compared to AKB), and I always wondered what group would ever get close to AKB's sales, but maybe none of them will? Nogi's latest song sold over 500,000 in total, and that's like half of what AKB sales. I wonder what their sales will be like for their newest single coming out in October? I have high hopes for Nogi46 because their songs are just so good. Anyways, Ikoma in a real-AKB single is gonna be interesting and weird, but still, Ikoma is awesome.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Ji Eun - "Don't Look At Me Like That"

I love it.

I really do enjoy dark songs and even though her other songs have been "dark" too, I didn't enjoy them as much; albeit, "Going Crazy", was good. I do prefer this type of song. I like that there is a build up and you can follow the song really easily. It doesn't try to be something that it isn't. In a way, the instrumentals really don't change much, but it's not that much a big deal for me. I prefer to hear her voice than the instrumentals. I like that she's in control too; makes it sound more serious since the instrumentals aren't strong. Overall, the song is really well done and it's catchy enough that people won't be bored because some people just don't find ballads all that exciting (unlike me). As for the lyrics and the Music Video, I like how they correspond really well. Just to clear any misunderstanding, LOEN, has written in the description box that, ""Don't Look at Me Like That" has a rather controversial, experimental lyrics about love between the same sex, different races, different ages, and other possibly prejudiced and stereotyped relationships." So, yes, this song does deal with homosexuality, interracial-relationships, and anything else that involves prejudice. I know people wanted more explicit lyrics, but honestly, this song is suppose to relate to everyone who suffers from the same issue: being accepted for who they love. I think sometimes people forget that Korea is not as progressive as some other countries, like mine for example (Canada), but these type of things are stepping stones. I appreciate TS Entertainment and everyone who has worked on this song because there are very few songs that deal with these issues, especially in Kpop. I have no complaints because all of these things are under "love" and separating what type of love we're talking about can get messy sometimes. Either way, TS did their best and I love it. As for the MV, it's pretty straightforward. I feel like I don't have to describe what's going on because once you know the lyrics you totally understand the video right away. It's really pretty though and well-thought-out, so again, no complaints either. This really is a good song and I hope she gets to promote it because we should accept everyone for whom they love or will love. 5/5.

Side-note: I really do like the song, so it's not like I'm giving this a perfect score because I'm gay.


Monday, 22 September 2014

T-ARA - "Sugar Free"

T-ARA's back and with an amazing track.

Ah, T-ARA, such an amazing group. Why does everything they release always turn out so good? Like, it's just so amazing that a group can release so many good songs. I, as many others, really enjoyed "Number 9" last year, but "Sugar Free" is the pinnacle of T-ARA songs; it mixes everything that made them so popular. EDM is really broad, as my friend has taught me, and since I am not well-versed in it, I truly found this song to be really catchy and ridiculously good. She said she enjoyed it, but it's def not one of her fav EDM-songs, but I would understand her because it sounds kind of basic. T-ARA's company has said that they are going to remake this song with different EDM-DJ's, so I can't wait to hear the differences in style - for EDM. So, as you can tell, I love this song. I love dance songs a lot, especially ones with super catchy choruses. And might I add: Soyeon got to sing the most in this, Yay! I do really love everything in this song...except the MV...maybe. I actually miss Drama, a lot. This song would have been so cool in a Drama Version and CCM is so creative with their stories, so I think they really should have done it again. I don't know why they stopped? Maybe money issues...and after CCM's scandal recently, I wonder if T-ARA and other CCM artists are gonna be fine (I worry more for them cause I hate that man).

Besides "Sugar Free", which is an amazing song, the rest of the album is lacking. None of the songs are memorable, nor are they as good as "Sugar Free", and this is bothering me. "Number 9" had this exact same issue, and if you know anything about T-ARA's B-sides, is that they are just as good as the title song, but recently, they have been lackluster. "I don't want You", is the only song aside from "Sugar Free" that I enjoyed, but it's not something I would go back to, like "Sugar Free". I was disappointed in this, but I guess B-sides are not being focused on a lot in K-pop lately and I don't like that. On a more positive note, everyone looks amazing for this comeback. Boram stands out so much with her hair dyed. Qri still looks amazing. Soyeon didn't change, and Hyomin and Jiyeon had solo's, so they look the same to me too. Eunjung lost weight, but she still looks great. I really enjoyed this comeback a lot more than "Number 9", and here's me hoping they release a Japanese Version of "Sugar Free". 4.8/5

ENJOY! Side-note: I actually really liked the lyrics for "Sugar Free"; it's kind of creative, right? I know there are 3 versions, but Ver.1 is really the only one you need to see.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Aoi Eir - "IGNITE"

Before I start this post, I just found out about RiSe, and it's really saddening to know that we lost 2 member's of Ladies Code (sorry for starting this off in a rather sad way).

Anyways, I have never talked about Aoi Eir before. She's not really popular, but she's known around the anime-world (similar to Haruna Luna and Kalafina). Actually, Luna and Eir are close friends (we often put them together and even their manager's put them together; they both released their new single's on the same day too). It's how I found out about Eir though - through Luna - and I'm grateful Luna was able to do that. Eir's new song, "IGNITE", is beautiful. It's kind of rock-inspired with that flare of "anime" music (I hope that made sense). It reminds me of Kalafina's rock-style music a lot. Usually these songs are a huge hit or miss for me, but Eir's song is truly one of my fav's this year (spoiler, I guess). I don't necessarily cry when I listen to song's the first time (only a few have ever done that for me), but Eir's new song is just so...deep, I guess. I found a translation online if you want to read it, but I recommend listening to it first, then reading it. I read the lyrics a few times now, and from what I get from it, I see it as a "demon-battle" type of song. Like, face your fears and even though you will fuck up, this world isn't going to help you and you have to take charge in your life ( is that why the song is called, "IGNITE"?). It's saddening, the song, cause of the fear of the world and what can happen to any of us (fears or not). This is my favorite stance for sure:

I’ll face the version of myself cowering here, and let loose without fear, Believing in tomorrow and blasting through that door that’s been rusted shut…Just as strained emotions ripping through a silent night.

I really like how encouraging this song is, while at the same time, it's really sorrowful. I've never supported Eir before, but I'm officially a fan of her's (mostly cause I actually bought this single and want to support Luna's friend). The song isn't particularly catchy - like it has a good chorus and such - but I find the way the song is arranged [and her voice] really elevate this song to a different level. Her high notes are really nice to listen to, and I have heard this live too and she's really good at singing. There must be something with this crowd (Luna, Kalafina, Aoi Eir, etc...) that really draws me in.

ENJOY! Side-note: I love the build up in this song (this is how it should be done). Also, the MV is boring (this must be a trend with that crowd I mentioned).