Monday, 22 September 2014

T-ARA - "Sugar Free"

T-ARA's back and with an amazing track.

Ah, T-ARA, such an amazing group. Why does everything they release always turn out so good? Like, it's just so amazing that a group can release so many good songs. I, as many others, really enjoyed "Number 9" last year, but "Sugar Free" is the pinnacle of T-ARA songs; it mixes everything that made them so popular. EDM is really broad, as my friend has taught me, and since I am not well-versed in it, I truly found this song to be really catchy and ridiculously good. She said she enjoyed it, but it's def not one of her fav EDM-songs, but I would understand her because it sounds kind of basic. T-ARA's company has said that they are going to remake this song with different EDM-DJ's, so I can't wait to hear the differences in style - for EDM. So, as you can tell, I love this song. I love dance songs a lot, especially ones with super catchy choruses. And might I add: Soyeon got to sing the most in this, Yay! I do really love everything in this song...except the MV...maybe. I actually miss Drama, a lot. This song would have been so cool in a Drama Version and CCM is so creative with their stories, so I think they really should have done it again. I don't know why they stopped? Maybe money issues...and after CCM's scandal recently, I wonder if T-ARA and other CCM artists are gonna be fine (I worry more for them cause I hate that man).

Besides "Sugar Free", which is an amazing song, the rest of the album is lacking. None of the songs are memorable, nor are they as good as "Sugar Free", and this is bothering me. "Number 9" had this exact same issue, and if you know anything about T-ARA's B-sides, is that they are just as good as the title song, but recently, they have been lackluster. "I don't want You", is the only song aside from "Sugar Free" that I enjoyed, but it's not something I would go back to, like "Sugar Free". I was disappointed in this, but I guess B-sides are not being focused on a lot in K-pop lately and I don't like that. On a more positive note, everyone looks amazing for this comeback. Boram stands out so much with her hair dyed. Qri still looks amazing. Soyeon didn't change, and Hyomin and Jiyeon had solo's, so they look the same to me too. Eunjung lost weight, but she still looks great. I really enjoyed this comeback a lot more than "Number 9", and here's me hoping they release a Japanese Version of "Sugar Free". 4.8/5

ENJOY! Side-note: I actually really liked the lyrics for "Sugar Free"; it's kind of creative, right? I know there are 3 versions, but Ver.1 is really the only one you need to see.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Aoi Eir - "IGNITE"

Before I start this post, I just found out about RiSe, and it's really saddening to know that we lost 2 member's of Ladies Code (sorry for starting this off in a rather sad way).

Anyways, I have never talked about Aoi Eir before. She's not really popular, but she's known around the anime-world (similar to Haruna Luna and Kalafina). Actually, Luna and Eir are close friends (we often put them together and even their manager's put them together; they both released their new single's on the same day too). It's how I found out about Eir though - through Luna - and I'm grateful Luna was able to do that. Eir's new song, "IGNITE", is beautiful. It's kind of rock-inspired with that flare of "anime" music (I hope that made sense). It reminds me of Kalafina's rock-style music a lot. Usually these songs are a huge hit or miss for me, but Eir's song is truly one of my fav's this year (spoiler, I guess). I don't necessarily cry when I listen to song's the first time (only a few have ever done that for me), but Eir's new song is just so...deep, I guess. I found a translation online if you want to read it, but I recommend listening to it first, then reading it. I read the lyrics a few times now, and from what I get from it, I see it as a "demon-battle" type of song. Like, face your fears and even though you will fuck up, this world isn't going to help you and you have to take charge in your life ( is that why the song is called, "IGNITE"?). It's saddening, the song, cause of the fear of the world and what can happen to any of us (fears or not). This is my favorite stance for sure:

I’ll face the version of myself cowering here, and let loose without fear, Believing in tomorrow and blasting through that door that’s been rusted shut…Just as strained emotions ripping through a silent night.

I really like how encouraging this song is, while at the same time, it's really sorrowful. I've never supported Eir before, but I'm officially a fan of her's (mostly cause I actually bought this single and want to support Luna's friend). The song isn't particularly catchy - like it has a good chorus and such - but I find the way the song is arranged [and her voice] really elevate this song to a different level. Her high notes are really nice to listen to, and I have heard this live too and she's really good at singing. There must be something with this crowd (Luna, Kalafina, Aoi Eir, etc...) that really draws me in.

ENJOY! Side-note: I love the build up in this song (this is how it should be done). Also, the MV is boring (this must be a trend with that crowd I mentioned).


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

EunB of Ladies Code Passes Away

As most of us know by now, EunB has passed away in a very tragic car incident. She died at sight, apparently, and Sojung and RiSe are in the hospital with critical conditions. The other two member's have minor injuries. RiSe had to go through a very long period of surgery, but she is out now (as I am writing this), and is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Sojung is being watched over, but she is not as critical as RiSe is. I think this was pretty shocking for the K-pop fandom. When my friend told me, I didn't really believe it at first, but then all of it came out and I just started to cry thinking, it could have been any idol, you know. So many times we hear about car incidents with our idols and so many times they do not wear seat-belts and such and it makes me so scared for their lives. Ladies Code is such a talented group and this news is so heartbreaking. Whatever happens, I hope we can respect their privacy and I really hope Sojung and RiSe are alright (they both suffered very dangerous injuries and there is no telling what the outcome will be like). R.I.P EunB. While you weren't my bias in Ladies Code, you were still a part of Ladies Code and the fans won't forget you, no matter what happens to Ladies Code.

This is their last song with EunB, "Kiss Kiss".


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Top 10 J-pop Groups/Soloists/Duos

I have so many J-pop groups...I don't know how this is going to look like at the end when I finish it. I'm sure everyone will know my number 1, but oh well. I wonder if people can guess my 10 favorite groups/soloists/duos? But as the same as the Top 10 K-pop one, I'll name some of my other favs as well.

11.) NMB48
12.) HKT48
13.) Haruna Luna
14.) Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
15.) French Kiss
16.) Juice=Juice
18.) Koda Kumi
19.) Sashihara Rino (HKT48)
20.) ELISA
21.) Perfume
22.) Kasai Tomomi
23.) E-GIRLS
24.) FAKY
25.) Takakashi Minami (AKB48)
26.) Kuramochi Asuka (AKB48)
27.) Iwasa Misaki (AKB48)
28.) Maeda Atsuko
29.) Itano Tomomi
30.) Becky
31.) FictionJunction
32.) KOKIA
33.) Yuu Kikkawa
34.) Aoi Eir
35.) Yasuda Rei
36.) S/Mileage
37.) Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)


Believe it or not, I actually love BABYMETAL. I don't like metal music at all, but since BM is a mix of metal and J-pop, I found their music to be really unique and different. I don't know too much about the three member's - except that I can name them - but I think their music speaks for itself. Also, on a side-note, I am loving the popularity that they have been receiving. I have been planning to buy their first album for so long, but I sometimes wonder, will the stuff they release after their album be as good? I'll have to wait and see, but until then, "Iijime, Dame, Zettai", is my jam.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sunny Hill - "Monday Blues"

They really want that "Girl Group" label, huh?

Well, to be honest, I never liked the male member - I actually don't know his name. He was barely there, and I don't know about other Hiller's (fan club name), but I feel like most us came to know Sunny Hill in 2011, so by then, he was really in and out of the group. Then he went to the army, and it was obvious that he really didn't "feel" part of the group anymore (regardless of his Original-member status). Anyways, Sunny Hill have finally made a comeback and with their first original album. This is only Part A, so Part B will probably be released in October (hopefully). I hate when companies split things in two parts (it really is annoying). Also, can we just talk about the fact that Sunny Hill debuted in 2007 and this is their first full-length album. Seven years, people. I guess I shouldn't be complaining cause I do love that they are finally releasing something, but I had to say something. "Monday Blues", is the title track. The pre-release track, "Once in Summer", was cute. I actually liked that pre-release song. It served its purpose and the MV was visually done well. It's a stereotypical "summer" video, but what's new in Kpop. "Monday Blues", is were all my attention needs to be because there is a little fuss over it. A lot of people are misunderstanding Sunny Hill. Sunny Hill was like Brown Eyed Girls; meaning they both debuted as a ballad-group/vocalist groups. Actually, it's the exact same format as BEG, what Sunny Hill had. As most people know Sunny Hill got popular in 2011, with, "Midnight Circus" (also when I became a fan), but around 2013, people started feeling Sunny Hill lost track. It's not that they lost track, but LOEN, their company, had an image for Sunny Hill, and "Midnight Circus", was just a whim. All Hiller's know that "Midnight Circus" was really random and not Sunny Hill at all...but then it worked. Hence why we got, "Pray", "Grasshopper Song", and, "Princess and Prince Charming".

LOEN had their "wild" phase with Sunny Hill and moved on. That's why we got "Goodbye To Romance", at the end of 2012/2013, and, "Darling of All Hearts", in 2013. It was LOEN's why of saying that Sunny Hill has done a lot in this new phase and we should go back to what we made them for - ballads. "Darling of All Hearts", was a fail in most people's books (even though I loved it), cause it was Sunny Hill's way of saying that we're a girl group more *insert male member's name here*. It was weird. The lyrics were great, but it was weird, even on Sunny Hill's level. Now we come to 2014. We got that goodbye ballad for the male member - which was just a digital single - and it was utterly disappointing (quite hated it, honestly). Now we reach what we call, "Unknown" phase, with Sunny Hill. "Once in Summer", was a cute ballad, and it doesn't mean much, so no point in talking about it, but "Monday Blues", is an issue in itself. I love the song, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely different. It has a jazzy-swing-vibe to it. Which is cool; I like these type of songs cause they are fun. The whole song is about, well, Monday blues. How we all want Friday to be here and enjoy our days off and party and such. That's about it, really. As you would have already noticed, the whole MV is set in an office and that's suppose to represent them working on Monday and you can see the member's just being tired and daydreaming about having fun. Even their outfits are "office lady" attire (they do change to "party" outfits at some point, but it's brief). People seem to be not too pleased with this song, and well, it's nothing new though. People haven't been liking anything Sunny Hill since 2012, and it's really not Sunny Hill's fault or LOEN's...Sunny Hill was originally a ballad-group. The group really probably doesn't know how to dance amazingly and even though they are great singer's (Misung is an "ok" rapper), the songs that get assigned to them aren't outstanding. While that is LOEN's fault, I suppose, Sunny Hill is just not...I don't know how to say it, actually. They just don't have what people are looking for. The member's aren't edgy like BEG and that's really the only group that's close to their age-range. The oldest member is Misung, and she's 28 (Jub is also 28), and the youngest is Kota, and she's 26. I think LOEN is confused what to do with them. As a person whom loves Sunny Hill immensely, I'm sadden to see Sunny Hill in such a rut. I've pretty much enjoyed everything they've released since 2011, but people only want their edgy-music. Just like BEG, honestly. People only want their edgy stuff (hence why "Abracadabra" worked so well for them, just like "Midnight Circus" worked so well for Sunny Hill). Unlike BEG, LOEN didn't want them to sell an image that wasn't them, and that didn't work for them. Sunny Hill have a few options left. Either go back to being edgy and people will like their music again, or stick to what they are doing now and go off to being a D-list group that only a few, like me, will still love. I loved almost every song in this Part A album, and while many don't like "Monday Blues", I really have to hope the future isn't so bland for Sunny Hill. I actually have more to say, but I think that's all I want to say today. 4.1/5.

ENJOY! Side-note: Why is no one talking about Jub cutting off her hair? It's so short...I've never seen it that short before. Also, "Get the x Out", is actually a really good song, and why they censor the word "Fuck" will always baffle're not gonna promote the song anyways. Also, Misung has my favorite parts in "Monday Blues". I love her sing-talk/rap-talk voice.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kinoshita Yukiko (SKE48) To Graduate


I know I may not have talked a lot about her over this past year, but to be honest, I really love her. I really got to know her last year during "Utsukushii Inazuma", and from then I became a huge fan of her's. She really stood out to me in that single, and I really liked her looks (only to find out she's actually a half, which is so cool). I knew her only as a Team E member, but I truly thought she should have been in Team S from the beginning, but now as a Team KII member, I guess it's alright. Anyways, she has decided to graduate in November of this year to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer/whatever else she decides to do, but dancing is her ultimate goal. I appreciate that she is taking a step forward in her career. Being a dancer is not an easy job (money wise especially), but I hope she can succeed. I would love if one day she could choreograph a dance for SKE48. That would be really cool. I read that she always planned to graduate once she reached her SKE-goal, which was to rank in the election, and this year she accomplished that - ranking #40. I was really happy and cried for her as she got called cause she's been with SKE48 for 5 years and I guess it's like all her hard work paid off. I'll truly miss her in SKE48 and hope she can move onto something that will bring her more happiness. I'll enjoy these last moments with her. I really hope she gets featured in SKE48's new single (cause they usually release one more by the end of the year). And if not, then I shall remember Yukiko well in the Next Girls PV. Good luck, Yukiko.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I'm actually not on a "leave" from my blog or anything, but I just don't feel like writing at the moment. My university starts again on September 4th and I guess I'm really not excited to go back as I have enjoyed my solace at home for the past 4 months (regardless that I had an online-summer course). Anyways, I do have stuff I'd like to post about (and finish that Top 10 stuff I planned), but I'm just not in the mood to write. I guess writing needs some sort of encouragement because I feel if I force it it'll just end up something I won't like.

Don't ask why, but I love it when Idols take pics with their albums/singles...I'm weird, I guess.