Friday, 19 December 2014

Best J-pop Album for 2014

This years best J-pop album goes to...BABYMETAL! Their self-titled first album was epic. Honestly, I'm an idol lover through and through, so metal music is 100% out of the question, but then came BABYMETAL. Is no one else super shocked at how well their music is made? Like it's legit a mixture of metal and j-pop music...HOW? I would have never imagined such a combination and BABYMETAL is a first of its kind (as far as I know). So for them to do this concept it was honestly a long-shot from the beginning, but with Su-metals epic voice and Mao-metal/Yui-metal being the little devils they are, they somehow became huge. And really they didn't even sell 100,000 copies of their to think they are this popular is really weird? Maybe they sold 100,000 now, but back when it was released, the highest I tracked it was about 70,000 copies. I don't know how they are so popular, but they are, and all I care about it is how amazing their songs are. So unique and different. I swear, if you haven't watched their LEGEND 1997 and 1999 Apocalypse concerts, you are missing out big time. They know how to put on a show and if you aren't offended by how they use religious figures for props and shit, then I think you'll really enjoy them (actually, I find it weird that they do, is it necessary?). Anyways, BABYMETAL get this years best J-pop album award for 2014.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Unboxing: VIXX - "Error" Japanese Version (Type B - photobook edition)


If you saw the SKE48, "12gatsu no Kangaroo", unboxing, you would have seen this photo already. Ordering stuff together is surprisingly more of a hassle than you think it is. 

Ahhh...VIXX. I love them. "Error", isn't even my favorite song. I just got this because it's their debut Japanese single.

Ad and Lyrics.

Now enjoy some photo's from the photobook. I can vouch for every VIXX fan and say that all of the photo's in this photobook are different from their Korean Version. Which makes me so happy because I hate when they re-use photo's. It's also 40-pages, which is really nice. Also, the photocards are different from the Korean Version. 

AHHHHHHHHH!! I GOT MY BIAS!! HYUK!! AHHH! I'm very happy and have no regrets now. 

Unboxing: SKE48 - "12gatsu no Kangaroo" (Type C and D)


So, I got my two other copies of SKE48's, "12gatsu no Kangaroo", but I also got VIXX's debut Japanese single, "Error", Type B (photobook edition). 

Bonus photo's are Oya!

Team E! I didn't take a pic of the OB Strip for Type C, but you aren't missing much. 

Did I mention I really like the CD's and DVD's for this single?

Four Cards! I don't actually know what this unit is, but it's cute and I love all of the member's. 

I don't know why I took a pic of this OB? 

First insert is Nana!! Ahh! This might be her last SKE48 single because she'll be graduating in 2015, so just in-case, I'm really glad to have this photo. 

RYOHA!!!!!! So glad I got her because she's centering this single and I guess mostly people know that the center-peoples' photos are the most sought after. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Unboxing - SKE48 - "Mirai to wa?" (Type D)

CDJapan again.

So I got SKE48's, "Mirai to wa?", and I actually already own this CD. I got it back when they released it in early 2014, but I got Type A only then I found out CDJapan was doing a sale and this was on the sale-list...and it does have my favorite song from the, I got another copy. 

Pretty cover.

Team E!

OB Strip

Pretty CD and DVD.


Ticket and some ad.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! OMG!!!!!!! I actually got Kimoto Kanon (whom I love too) when I got my Type A, but I never expected to get Jurina....holy shit. 

Best K-pop Album/Mini-Album for 2014

I do count both (full length and mini) because Korea does their releases much different than Japan, and full-albums are not as normal as one would think; if anything mini-albums are the norm. Anyways, this years best K-pop album goes to...STELLAR! "Marionette", was such a good mini-album. Totally my style of music and I don't know, I do love my sexy-themes. The runner-up for this award was The Barberettes. Their album was really good, but it lacked on a lot to be honest - since their inspiration is the 50s/60s. My specialty in history is the 20th century, and I can assure you that The Barberettes are doing a decent job, but they still have some ways to go before they can really be called the "Time-Traveling Girl Group". But in the end I chose STELLAR because their songs this year have all been really good and all of the songs in this mini-album are top-notch (minus, "Study", but it's a decent idol-song). "Guilty", the 3rd track on this album, is my favorite. It's sultry, but still has some ballad elements to it (it's also really catchy for some reason). I think STELLAR shocked me the most this year. Not because of their "sexy-ness", but because how good their music was this year. Even, "Mask", is really good! I never reviewed it, but I loved it. I really look forward to more releases by them.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Rookie Of The Year for 2014

Time to do my annual year-end posts. I do love these posts the most honestly. Love knowing everyone's top favorite songs and artists. Anyways, this year's Rookie of the year, goes to, MAMAMOO. I love these women! And their music is really good; like I always have their stuff on repeat and I never get disappointed by their live performances. I don't really have a bias, but Hwasa and Whee-in are like really close to being my biases. "Piano Man", is really my jam, but their debut song is really good too. Actually, like all of their songs are pretty top-notch. Most impressive rookie group honestly. They remind of Piggy Dolls, when they debuted, but I see success for, MAMAMOO. This award was originally for The Barberettes, but I decided that MAMAMOO are going to receive it over The Barberettes. I don't really have a strong reason why? It was more-so an equal win, but I just saw something more in MAMAMOO.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Unboxing: SKE48 - 12gatsu no Kangaroo (Type A)

CDJapan is my favorite place to buy J-pop-stuff (albeit, YESASIA is fine too, but I love their point system; I essentially bought this for like nothing since I had so many points)

So I got SKE48's, "12gatsu no Kangaroo", Type A Edition. I also ordered Type C and D, but I ordered them separate because I didn't know they were going to do photo's at the time.

I Love the covers!

Team S always gets the "Cool" Songs; I like them a lot though. Team S and E are my favorite.

Well, this is funny. My bonus photo is Team KII's song, "Da Da Machine Gun". Love the MV though.

OB Strip.

The CD and DVD are pretty.

Useless Ticket because I'm an international fan.

And my insert photo is Haruka. Not a fan of her's, but I love all of the insert photo's. I hope I get Tani in my CD's that are coming soon!!