Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Unboxing: GARNiDELiA - "Linkage Ring" (CD+DVD Edition)


External bonus was a poster (I think all of their external stuff is posters for GARNiDELiA).

So, I got my first GARNiDELiA CD and this marks their first full-length album since their major debut in 2014. They've been around since 2010, but they didn't get a major label to support them till 2014. Also, this is something I didn't know until I was looking through the booklet, but MARiA (the girl) wrote every song. Toku (the guy), writes all of the music and plays the keyboard. They both arrange their music together. They are not idols, they are legit artists. I'm blown away, honestly. I didn't even know, I just assumed they didn't write anything or compose because, let's be real, I love idols, so I don't expect anything like this out of them, but I feel so honored to have something that they have created themselves.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Unboxing: AKB48 - "Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!" (Type A Limited Edition)


External bonus was a poster

So, I finally received AKB48's new album. Yay! It's beautiful, by the way. I totally thought their last album was pretty too - with all that pink - but this is really nice too. I love Black & White concepts.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

AKB48 - "Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!" Album Review

I also haven't done an album review in forever too. Just as an fyi I will not be doing Jolin's album review until she releases her final MV (also, I haven't read all of the English translations yet). Anyways, AKB have released their 4th original album and their 6th in total - "Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!" I actually love the title. It makes me feel like AKB were trying to prove themselves in a way with this album. Not sure how per se, but it was a nice after-thought. I think this was the first album to feature so many solo's and that is possibly the highlight of the entire album. Anyways, I'll get right into it; I'm actually only reviewing the new songs, so it's not exactly a "full" album review, but whatever. Also, I'm not counting, "Saisho no Ai no Monogatari", because I haven't heard it yet.

Conveyor (Yokoyama Team K):

Ok, I actually loved, "Hajimete no Drive", but this is boring. And all I can hear is, "CONVEYAAAAAA". It's hilarious, but it's possibly the only thing in the song I enjoyed. Poor Team K. It truly feels like their discography is going down the drain. I remembered Team K always having the high-energy songs that usually included harder dances. Now it's a free-for-all and it makes me skeptical because when I buy all the versions I do expect to enjoy all the songs, but sometimes I wait and see if it's any good before I decide. Since I did buy Type A (CD+DVD) - only for the DVD and photobook honestly - slightly disappointed that this is in the CD. 2/5

Henachoko Support (Team 8):

I actually don't like Team 8 at all. Their songs are normal-idol-pop songs, so I can't hate it, but there are just way too many members and only Nakano is getting promoted. She and Nagisa are the only ones I know too. As for this song, it fits right in their discography; preppy-j-pop-idol-songs. 3/5

Kanojo  (Miyawaki Sakura solo):

Auto-tuned to the max...but I love it. Yea, not the biggest fan of auto-tune, but the song is super catchy and really cute. Totally suits her image. I do wish to hear this song without the auto-tune because I think it would have been my favorite in the album, but sadly this will not happen. It really is a good song though. 4/5

Downtown Hotel 100 Goushitsu: 

This really suits Tano Yuka (I know there are others singing, but when I see Tano I think this type of song suits her). It's kind of R&B-ish with J-pop mixed into it. It's like 90s hip-hop, R&B, and J-pop put together. Best definition I could think of. It's still an awful song though. 1/5

Junjou Soda-sui (Watanabe Mayu solo):

It's a really boring idol-song. Suits Mayu in a way. I do enjoy her solo work a lot, so this was a letdown. It's a medium-tempo ballad-pop song and while that could work in Mayu's favor, the song is really forgettable. I prefer her more upbeat songs. 1.5/5

Ai to Kanashimi no Jisa (Yamamoto Sayaka solo):

Ma homegurl does not disappoint. Very reminiscent of, "Yume no Dead Body", but with a hint of, "Jungle Gym". It's not rock-ish enough for me, but it's fucking good. I still want her to get a song that requires her to belt out some notes, but until then, this song will be my new Sayaka-jam. Well, "Yume no Dead Body", is still better overall, but you get the point. 4.5/5


What do we call this? Hip-hop with J-pop? It's super catchy and addictive...I love it. I have no idea what's going on in the song (sounds like Tsunku produced it), but it's seriously one of my favorites. 5/5.

7 Kaime no "Les Mis" (Kojima Haruna solo):

Considering this is one of her few solo songs (she has more, right?) this was hella-boring. I legit forget she even got a solo on this album. 1.2/5. Considering Type A's 2nd CD is almost done, I'm actually disappointed with this tracklist. I'm even more disappointed with the solo's so far. I expect better, especially when a Solo is announced.

Oh! Baby! (Takahashi Team A): more to say. 1/5. Was this album based on the 90s or something?

Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!: 

The title track. I wasn't expecting a lot from this song since I just learned not to expect good things anymore, but this wasn't horrible. Decent song with good lyrics. Very fitting I think of the album's theme. 3/5. This was the last track on Type A's 2nd CD and I gotta say, some were really good, but a good chunk was either mediocre or just plain bad.

Bokutachi no Ideology: 

Alright, Type B's 2nd CD. It starts off with a decent idol song. Nothing spectacular, but it's not entirely boring. I feel like I wouldn't skip it, but I highly will not remember this song. 2.7/5

To go de (Kuramochi Team B):

OMG. I love this song. It's super cute and super catchy. This is why Team B has and will always be my favorite team. I feel like I always enjoy their songs and since they are the most "idol-group" out of the four teams I can't really hate anything. Plus, Ikoma and Kuramochi are in this team. 4.6/5.

Setsunai Reply (Sashihara Rino solo):

Always expect Sasshi to get super idol-preppy-songs. Her voice is way too childish for anything else honestly (plus, she's not exactly a great singer). I read that this song is about twitter? But I don't really know if that is true, but if it is I wouldn't be surprised either. As for the song, it's good. Not her best solo song, but it's good. I wouldn't skip it and that's a compliment. 3.1/5

Panama Unga:

I like this song. I like most things that are catchy; chorus and hook have to be memorable. I like the sexy-vibe this gives even though I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be sexy. The instrumental makes it sound sultry and that's good enough for me. You can really hear Rena's voice though. Actually, you can hear everyone clearly and I love that. Sometimes in sub-units voices overlap or get changed too much that I legit have to watch a live performance to find out who sang what (even though there is like 4 people singing). 3.8/5

Akai Pin Heel to Professor (Matsui Jurina solo):

Ok...this is quite shameful of me to say, but this is the best solo and possibly the best song on the entire album. I love this song. The whole chorus is super catchy and memorable and since there is lots of English it's easy for me to remember. This song really suits Jurina's voice and that's good. I can imagine her being all sexy and dancing to this song. I don't approve of the message of the song, but it's ok, I'm going to let it slide since I love it so much (plus, I love my sexy songs). 5/5

Yowamushi Kemushi (Kashiwagi Yuki solo):

This was the biggest letdown ever. The 2nd CD in Type B was just getting so good...why ruin it? This is the worst ballad I have ever heard for Yuki-sama. It's so boring. I was so hyped and feeling sexy from Jurina's solo and we go to this? Major letdown. 0/5. It almost hurts giving her a zero.

Namida wa Atomawashi (Minegishi Team 4):

I guess you can't really top, "Me wo Aketa Mama no First Kiss". It's just a normal-medium-tempo idol song. I don't think it suits Team 4 really. 1.2/5.

All of you (Takahashi Minami solo):

Yaaaaaaaass (it's actually embarrassing saying that out-loud). This is what I needed right now. This is such a perfect solo for Takamina. I wish this was her 2nd single; it's legitimately perfect. The dark-undertones, her low voice, the chorus...perfect. 5/5

Tomodachi de Irareru Nara (Shimazaki Haruka, Yokoyama Yui):

This was surprisingly really good. Go fig, huh. They have similar voices too, but you can tell who is who. Duets can be a hit or miss really, but this was really good. It's really soothing and calm - the song - and I really like those type of songs. It's actually in a perfect position because, "All of you", wasn't fast-paced, so going into this was a nice transition. In a way, this reminds me of something Not Yet would have done (as a B-side). 4.7/5.


Alright, last song. Gosh...I can't think of what this reminds me of? I don't know, but it's not bad. It's not really good either. Just a normal ballad (kind of medium-tempo). Lyrics are good, so there's that. I look forward to live performances. 2.7/5. It's really bothering me. I can't remember what this reminds me of.

Overall: This was good. I liked 11 out of the 20 new songs (not including the one I haven't heard). That's more than 50% so that's not bad for a new album. Slightly disappointed that Type B is better overall (but not by much). I didn't like AKB's album - "Tsugi no Ashiato" - last year at all (I don't even remember the new songs), but this was much better. I also really like the concept of the album. I love solo's personally, so I hope for more, but I would like "unexpected" solo's; like Myao or Hilary - someone really random. If I had to give a rating to the entire album - with all the new songs - then it'd be like a 2.9/5. That really isn't a bad rating since I only did like 11 out of the 20 songs, but those 11 songs are really good.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Nine Muses - "DRAMA"

I haven't done a review in so long.

Nine Muses have finally made a comeback. I don't know how long it has been, but maybe over a year? Whenever "Glue" was released because that was their last song before all the changes happened. Anyways, "DRAMA", is the new title song from Nine Muses and this would mark their first time not working with Sweet-tune, I believe. You can tell actually because the song is vastly different from their discography. Different in a bad way though. It's a pretty basic-pop number. Rap verses here and there, chorus, and hook. It's a normal Nine Muses song, that's not the problem. The problem lays in the framework of the song itself. It's kind of messy, it's definitely too short, and it feels unfinished in a way. I definitely don't mind the song. It's decent enough for me to like it, but it probably won't be in my Top 50 list. I haven't heard the entire mini-album, so hopefully there's more to this than, "DRAMA". The dance is pretty shitty though. It's really slow and awkward especially for a song that's fast-paced. The outfits are pretty good though. I like the suspender/overall-outfit; it's definitely my favorite. I'm definitely indifferent about the MV. It's pretty standard for Nine Muses and that's kind of the problem. Actually, that's the whole problem with this entire comeback: it's standard. It doesn't "wow" me nor does it make me go "wow, this is definitely one of their best songs!" Everything is just so basic. It's honestly such a shame because this was the make-it-or-break-it comeback for me. Sera, Eunji, and, Sam, were huge in Nine Muses, so losing them was really hard and they really needed a #1 song. I guess safe is the better word to use. Yea, this was a safe comeback.

I guess I should talk about the new member's: Keumjo and Sojin. Is it me or did Star Empire only hire Keumjo because her voice sounds exactly like Sera's? Probably not, but damn do they sound identical. I actually like Keumjo already, so at least there's that. Sojin...I've met her before. She was in that awful sub-unit...Nasty Nasty? Something like that. I don't really remember if she sang or rapped, but she was there. I don't really have an opinion on her yet. She kind of seems to fill in Sam's and Eunji's roles; dancer/rapper/semi-vocalist. Sorry for the comparisons. I know it's really bad to compare because they will never fill in their shoes, but still...I can't seem to let go that those three are gone. Like Euaerin is my bias now because Sera is gone, but Euaerin is being robbed here. Everyone is a rapper now, what the hell? Why is Sungah, Kyungri and Keumjo rapping? They are not rappers...or are they now? Kyungri and Hyuna are definitely carrying the group now; with Hyemi being helpful in the vocal-area. I'll highly buy this album eventually, but really, I'm not in a rush (mostly because I haven't heard the other songs so I don't want to make a strong statement yet). But this is really a new era for Nine Muses. If they don't do well with this comeback, I doubt SE is really gonna invest more into them. Such a shame really. Nine Muses could have been huge, in my opinion. Their songs are so good ("Ticket", is still my jam). Well, let's hope many others enjoy this comeback because I'm definitely not in the "love-zone". 2.4/5.



Wednesday, 21 January 2015

3rd Anniversary

Yay! Happy 3rd me (lol). I didn't know what to do, so I took random quick-photo's and I didn't even think if I looked good or not...I just went with it (haha). Sometimes I can be silly and not care about shit, and that's today. I honestly didn't have a game plan...just went with the flow. Now, enjoy weird and silly photo's of me ( awkward, right?).

Monday, 19 January 2015

My Top 50 NMB48 Songs

There's actually not a lot of songs. I never knew how small their discography really is (then again, they did only debut in 2011). And considering they only have one original stage, it makes me feel that the sister-groups get snubbed when it comes to stages. It's just the same songs that AKB or SKE have already done and I don't know...I get bored knowing they are the songs I've heard like 100 times already; some aren't even that great. Anyways, let's get into my Top 50 (to be honest, I should have done a Top 20 because their discography isn't far off from Nogizaka46's).

50) 12gatsu 31nichi

Special song about a special day (which in a way loses its meaning since they've been invited already).